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Ajax Hub Wireless Control Panel with IP & 2G GSM (White)
  The Hub intelligent control panel is a key element of the Ajax security system. The dev..
Ex Tax: 201.68€
Ajax Hub 2 Wireless Control Panel with IP & 2G GSM (White)
  Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broke..
Ex Tax: 281.51€
Ajax MotionProtect Wireless PIR (White)
Wireless motion detector that notifies the owner of the first signs of home or office intrusion. ..
Ex Tax: 75.63€
Ajax MotionCam (PhOD) Wireless PIR with Photo Verification (White)
MotionCam (PhOD) Jeweller is a wireless motion detector supporting photo verification of alarms, ..
Ex Tax: 189.08€
Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless PIR with Antimask (White)
A street is always in action: the wind sways leaves and bushes warmed by the sun, animals and bir..
Ex Tax: 260.50€
Ajax DoorProtect Wireless Magnetic (White)
Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken doo..
Ex Tax: 46.22€
Ajax MotionProtect Wireless Indoor Curtain PIR (White)
With the MotionProtect Curtain detectors, you can secure the perimeter of your house and freely m..
Ex Tax: 88.24€
Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor Bidirectional Curtain Detector (White)
DualCurtain Outdoor controls your property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who ar..
Ex Tax: 260.50€